Why Shop Vintage Jewelry

I can seriously go on and on about today's topic. There are so many reasons to shop vintage jewelry over fast fashion jewelry. Below are some the top reasons why I love shopping vintage jewelry and why you should too! 

One of a kind

I started vintage shopping in high school because I was looking for something different. Every year on the first day of school, there was always a herd of girls in the same Target or Forever21 outfits. Not wanted to blend in with the pack, I started thrifting and I still do to this day. When you shop vintage, especially jewelry, you know that you will never show up wearing the same thing as anyone else! 


With vintage jewelry, you are always making a statement. A lot of times, these pieces a chunky, funky and bold. They are just around unique ever if there are more classic. These are the exactly reasons why I love vintage jewelry! They complete so many different outfits and add a bold and fierce pump to a look.


This is the reason for the season! Sustainability isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle. With that being said, it also is about passing on some of the those trends that you know are going to be out in a second. Every season there are so many new jewelry trends. With vintage jewelry, you don't have to sacrifice participating in trends since so many trends are really just throwbacks!


Vintage is also just so much better quality all around. A lot of vintage jewelry was made before the spike of fast fashion so these items are made well and made to last. I've been thrifting for more than a decade and I still have jewelry pieces that I found when I first started building my vintage collection!

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Vintage Jewelry

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