Topaz or Citrine: A Scorpio's Dilemma

We love our November babies! They have this tenacity that we all admire. Scorpios are also lucky enough to have two birthstones to choose from. Although these two stones are different they compliment and support each other to create the perfect balance for a Scorpio or anyone who wants to rock these stones! 

November babies have topaz and citrine as their birthstones. The rich yellow-gold color is where these two stones cross paths. Both of these create a calming effect and are stones of fortune and warmth! Even though these two have some aspects in common, they really are different at the core; not only in composition but also in properties and vibes. 

For our Scorpios, topaz is in a rich orange yellow color which is the imperial topaz stone. This stone represents strength and was previously worn by many royals. You may recognize the light blue topaz which is the most popular. 

Citrine is also in a yellow orange tone and is heat treated amethyst. These two can occur together in the same stone and is know as ametrine. This stone has been know as the success stone! It brings about positive energy and healing. 

November babies have the dilemma of choosing between these two stone or they can indulge and choose both! 

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