My Favorite Current Jewelry Trends

Although I love vintage, antique and estate jewelry, there are just some trends that I have been obsessing over! Here are some of the current jewelry trends that are my favorite this season. 

paper clip chains

1. Paper clip chain

Paper clip chains started making its coming back about a year ago and now you can't look at any blogger or celeb without seeing them! They are thin, chic and so unique. Even though this style is definitely a trend, it is still a good investment pieces. Chains never go out of style and having some unique ones such this will only grow in value as long as it is real gold! 

signet ring from local eclectic

2. Signet rings

These rings are actually one of my personal favorites ring now. I love how androgynous they are. Jewelry is perfect when anyone can wear it! Signet rings are bold and edgy yet totally classic and sophisticated at the same time. You also can find them with a twist to them; they're available with small diamonds or engraved! 

croissant dome hoops by mejuri

3. Croissant texture earrings 

Let's give credit where credit is due. Mejuri is killing it right now! They have been popping up so much recently especially since they're gifting to micro-bloggers all over the country. It seems like every "it girl" is wearing their brand. Although they did not invent the croissant texture, as it is actually a vintage resurgence, they definitely perfected it!

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