Best Places to Find Vintage in The Land

Obviously, I am obsessed with vintage! I have been vintage hunting since high school. It started off as a fun way to do something different with my style and turned into not only just a hobby of mine but a passion. From specialty vintage boutiques to thrift stores, Cleveland has been and always been one of my favorite spots for finding the best vintage! Below are some places that are killing it in the vintage game.

 wild cactus vintage blog

1. Wild Cactus Boutique 

Wild Cactus is one of the many gems in Cleveland. I just did a pop-up shop there and the vibes were amazing. The space is super aesthetic and I totally align with the modern vintage inventory! This is a really great place to go if you're looking for pieces that are well curated. Wild Cactus makes shopping vintage easy! You can even go to their website and order online. 

 emily roggenburk one of a kind collection ig

2. Emily Roggenburk

If you're a Clevelander, odds are you know of Emily Roggenburk. She's been killing the last few years with her amazing graphic tees that she designs herself. Emily Roggenburk just recently launching her "one of a kind apparel" collection. Although this line isn't necessarily vintage, it is a collection that repurposes pre-loved garments from the city of Cleveland. She also has adds new pieces to this collection every Monday so it's super fresh!

 refold. instagram 

3. Refold.

Refold. is a pre-loved fashion boutique in the heart of Tremont. Their focus is all on sustainability and creating a luxury experience without the price tag! There are so many options at Refold. and they even have a selection of traditionally menswear as well. I had my first pop-up shop here and it was the best. Priscilla, the owner, was even giving out mimosas! What's better than sipping and shopping!? Refold. isn't particularly focused on vintage but you can definitely find some vintage pieces there as well as pre-loved items. 


rising boutique instagram

4. Rising Boutique & Vintage Fashion CLE

Recently Vintage Fashion CLE evolved into a lifestyle store called Rising Boutique. This boutique is curated for the "conscious customer" and is focused on sustainability. They also feature on-the-rise brands and of course vintage! This place is perfect for those of you looking to cut out the hard work. They have straight up vintage from so many different decades, making it easy for anyone to walk in and find vintage already in excellent condition! 

 savers instagram

5. Savers

Savers is my #1 spot. Forever and always! This place is not for the faint of heart. This is for the hunter and one with their eye on the prize. I have found so many solid vintage pieces from Savers over the years. Plus they have two locations in Cleveland so you have even more options. You can save even more on Mondays since everything is half price! Just know that if you choose Savers, yes you will save some money since it is vintage at the best price but you will have to spend a lot of time searching and making sure there are no stains or holes. You also will spend time dry cleaning or repairing items too. But if you're like me and you like the hunt, this is the place for you! 

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