4 easy ways to "Go Green"

"Going Green" may seem like a daunting task. With the viral videos on straws being stuck in turtles noses, whales being beached with pounds of plastic in the tummies and Bill Nye the science guy telling us "the planet is on fucking fire", it is easy to feel like all hope is lost. Even though not all of us are taking drastic steps to help end global warming, it is on all of us to do our part whether it is big or small. Below are four easy ways to Go Green and help make our planet a better place! 


Duh! This one may seem like a no brainer with the recycling bins and all the education that we have now but trust me, not everyone utilizes them. Recycling is a very simple way to start minimizing your foot print on the world and it also takes minimal effort!


The slogan "reduce, reuse, recycle" is really the basis of going green. Reducing waste is a great way to help the planet and our wallets in the long run! You can easily reduce your waste by putting your money towards pieces that are reusable. Napkins and paper towels are a very simple one to do. You can purchase cloth napkins for meals and use rags when cleaning instead of paper products. This lowers the waste in landfills, uses less natural resources and lowers CO2 emissions. 

Lower meat intake

When we typically think of saving water, we try to take fast showers or flush the toilet less. While those do save some water the best thing you can do is eat less factory farmed meat. Factory farms have some of the highest water waste levels in the world. We need to starting thinking of meat as a luxury and not a right that needs to be consumed at every meal. Instead we can reduce our water waste by getting protein from sustainable plant fibers and buying more from local farms. 


Reusing items that are already in circulation is a good way to limit the strain on valuable resources. An easy way to do this is by thrifting! Whether it is for clothes, home goods or literally anything else, thrifting is not only fun but a sustainable way to purchase products. 

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