Q: What is the difference between vintage, antique and estate? 

A: Antique items are older than 100 years so anything made roughly before 1920. Vintage is anything after that to 20 years before present day so 1920 to 2000. Estate jewelry is anything after 2000 to the present. 


Q: How is shopping from LIV the collection shopping ethically?

A: Whenever you buy something that is vintage, antique, or estate you are buying an item that is pre-loved and therefore not indulging in "fast fashion." Fast fashion is when cheap items are rapidly mass produced in response to the latest trends. This is terrible for our environment, our wallets and our neighbors who work in unethical conditions. Shopping at the LIV the collection cuts the use of fast fashion and is a great way to to shop responsibly and sustainably without having to sacrifice a modern, fierce and feminine look! 


Q: Do you do returns? 

A: As of now, we do not take returns but overall we do want you to be satisfied with your piece so email livthecollectioninfo@gmail.com for further information. 


Q: What if I want a piece that is sold out?

A: When we say our pieces are rare, we truly mean it. It is very difficult to find multiple of the same pieces when buying vintage, antique and estate so when you see a piece you love act fast! But if you are looking for a particular item email us at livthecollectioninfo@gmail.com and we can work together to find your dream piece.


Q: What shipping do you use and when can I expect my piece to come? 

A: We do free shipping on all items over $50 and ship Monday through Friday in the US only. We have a signature required for pieces that are over $750 and all fine jewelry will be insured. Please allow 1-3 days for shipping. You will receive an email with tracking information for USPS first class shipping. If you do need your piece by a specific date please email us at livthecollectioninfo@gmail.com and we can work with you!